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sea blue & green…

Hope you are all well. School is almost over for me, so to revive myself for finals and to get some inspiration I went to Ocean Beach in San Francisco. It is one of my favorite places to come and let the worries of yesterday float away, and to let the city life bring me back to life!

Jacket: Zara (recent) ~ High-low Mint Dress: H&M (recent) – Pants: Zara (love these!) ~ Shoes: Zara (worn here) ~ Scarf: H&M  ~ Jewels: Express, Forever 21

Thank you so much for visiting Blackbows!

Happy fashioning!!!

Love, ANI


10 thoughts on “sea blue & green…

  1. Went to Zara yesterday just bcsuaee of this blogpost :)I was really surprised to see that the ancle boot is laquer. I just thought I’d found a cheaper alternative to be very pretty but expensive boot I’ve seen at Acne – but I wish they’d done it in a less glossy version.

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