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Sweet Mint & Confessions

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Sweet Mint 1


Sweet Mint 6

Lately I have not been posting and for the longest time I could not figure out why. I kept making excuses, too tired from work or too much homework and not enough time… Whatever they are, I realized they were keeping me away from something I love doing. The biggest issue right now is that I can not stand looking at myself in photos and in the mirror. I am at a place in my life, where I don’t feel healthy or happy with my weight, my clothes don’t fit me the way I would like, and I cannot stand being photographed.

Last night while researching, I came across a quote that talked about doing something because you love doing it, and being authentic about it. I started this blog, because I want break down the barriers between modesty and fashion. Because I love fashion and I wanted to have a place to express my style. I wanted to inspire and remind other girls that value the look of modestly that we can look great, and let our inner beauty be expressed outside as well.

So putting my issues aside, and being fueled with the reminder of my love for fashion, I put up this post. Although I am not crazy about the fit of the clothes on me right now, I do love the color pallet of this outfit. Lately I have been loving the jewel tone colors. Emerald green (the official color of spring), pink, royal blue, gold, and mint green. I love the combination of green and pinks with the hints of gold. The weather has been chilly during the mornings, and pleasant during the afternoons – perfect for layers medium weight full-sleeve button up shirts and a fun peppy blazers. That way if I get warm, I can take off my blazer and still feel covered. I chose skinny jeans as bottoms for they balance the blazer and button up creating an overall casual but still sophisticated look.

This post is also significant because it is the first post of February, my favorite month of the year. This month is going to bring great change, because not only is it my birthday at the end of the month, but is also the month for Fashion Week! I am getting my self a gift early this year. My gift to myself is going to be a healthier me. I am going to eat better, exercise, and get my weight to a place, that when I look in the mirror I can walk out my door with the confidence I need to tackle the day.

So how do you guys out there keep healthy? I would love to hear your exercise regimens, eating habits, and overall motivations to keep heathy! Also, what designers looks and work are you look forward to most! Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!

Thanks for reading and here to a healthier us!

~Outfit ~

~ Blazer: Forever 21 (old, similar here) ~ Mint Graph Shirt: F21 ~ Jeans: Old Navy “Rockstar” ~ Shoes: Banana Republic (last worn here) ~ Bag: Michael Kors “Sloan” in Hunter Green (early b-day from my mom, thank you Mama!) ~ Jewels~ Necklace: BR , Watch: Anne Klein, Heart Boutique Heart Monogram Ring, Coach Set of 5 (sold out, love this set!)


7 thoughts on “Sweet Mint & Confessions

  1. We all feel that way, but you look great! I’ve been feeling the same way! I’ll look at my pictures and then decide to do a fashion post! Will you be at Sac Fashion Week this year?

    • I am so glad that I am not the only one, and hearing you posting gives me the inspiration to do so too! Yes, I will be attending Sac Fashion Week. I know for sure I am going to the S/S Designer Show on Friday, and hopefully will be attending the other events throughout the week. What about you?

  2. Fatima says:

    MA Amal, I think you look great and I love the colors of the outfit. I wonder if you take out the melon undershirt/cami and belt just the shirt and not the blazer if you would feel better about the proportions? Fit is important, but so are proportions no? Lots of love :)

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