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Thoughts & Booties

I have never been much of a boot type of a gal, but when I saw these Rag & Bone Harrow Leather Booties on two blogs that I love to follow, (Brooklyn Blonde and Wendy’s Lookbook), I had a change of heart. However, my wallet did not. At $495 a pair, there was no way I would ever be able to get these beauties on my feet, let alone a permanent residence in my closet. So I admired them online, and on Helena’s and Wendy’s blog and bid them adieu.

A couple months ago, it just so happened that I was window-shopping in the city, and found these very similar pair of booties at Forever 21.


At a more affordable $36.60 I found the last size six and excitedly stood in line, while thinking of all the outfits that I could create with them. It also got me thinking, of how many other fashionistas must go through this dilemma. That there is an item that you covet, but do not have the means to or even that want to splurge on. In my personal research in fashion, there are two philosophies: that good fashion should only be for the elite, and the other that fashion should be accessible to all. I have always agreed with the all-for-one mentality, and it is this ideal that has given me the drive to purse a career in fashion design. Not only for the need of modest clothes, but for need of affordable clothing that is beautiful and high in quality.

 This then led me to thinking, that maybe I can do a post every now and then of finding items that are similar (note: not knockoffs or fake, that’s illegal) of items and styles that are trending today.

 What do you all think? Let me know, and even if no one replies I will probably do it anyways.

 Till next time, happy fashioning lovelies!



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