Phillip Lim for Target

It was this experience that made me want to start the Adventures segment for LBLB. Many of you either read about the Phillip Lim for Target on the web, such as on Racked, watched videos like this one posted it on the LA Times, or better even yet, experienced it for your self.

My Phillip Lim Adventure started the night before, with me going to bed early, and waking up even earlier with first day of school jitters. I cannot remember the last time I was so excited about something that I was able to wake up without my alarm clock, ready to go. For those of you who may not be familiar with 3.1 Phillip Lim, it is line created by Phillip Lim. He co-founded his company in 2005 and has already been awarded twice by the Council of Fashion Designers of America for his breakthrough designs. I love how he makes today women, truly the modern women of today. As beautiful as his work is, for the average women, it is not very affordable, so this collection for Target was a must have for many, myself included. If you have not seen Phillip Lim’s Collection, I highly recommend you check out his website,

Arriving at Target, I was able to be the second person in line, and already knowing that I wanted the Mini Olive Satchel (link), I was getting antsy as the minute ticked closer to the door opening. Once they did, all the ladies beelined for the bags. I was able to grab the last of my wish list item, and the bags disappeared within the first 5 minutes, it truly was “Limsanity”!

Mini Olive:

This cute little bag is offered in three different colors, black, a mustard yellow, and taupe. According to Target, the Mini Olivia is the modeled after the Pashli Mini Satchel, a popular bag in the 3.1 Phillip Lim Collection.


Photo above is from and shows the Mini Olive with a pair of trousers also from the collection.

The Good:

The Mini Olivia is very similar to the Pashli Mini, with the side zippers, handles and cross-body strap, and grainy leather look. For $34.99 she is good substitute, especially for us gals who can’t afford the real thing at a nice $650.00!

14621584_201309031612 14621584_Alt02_201309031522 14621584_Alt01_201309031522

The Olivia is spacious enough to carry all the basics, a small wallet, keys, phone, a few cosmetics, and a little more. I was able to put my iPad Mini in there as well, as long as the “ear” are zipped open. That leads me to another plus, the bag is a two for one, in that it offers two shapes with two options to carry it. When the sides are open, it is on trend with all the other bags, like the Celine Luggage bags, Michael Kors Selma Satchel, and even J.Crew. When closes, the Olivia Mini is a timeless box bag, ready to hit the town, and whether opened or closed, she looks great worn cross-body or in hand.

The material is 100% Polyurethane, and looks really good for knock off leather, especially for its price. Other details that are note worth are:

The fixtures are colored in a nice matte gold, and help make the bag piece look nice and expensive, but we know it’s not!

There are “feet” on the bottom of the bag, which adds a nice level detail and classy sophistication to the bag.

All the parts on the bag function well, from the magnet in the front, which is nice and strong, to the spring-loaded fasteners, to the all the zippers on the bag.

The last thing I want to mention on the bag is how discrete and well placed the Target Logo is. It is the “target” in black, and one would have to take a closer look to see that it is a 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target design.

The Bad:

1. The stitching on the bag is okay and when I brought it home and took a closer look I did have to snip a few threads off. Not a big deal, and for the cost, this is expected.

2. The magnet, which is located on the front pouch, came off the first day I wore the bag. There was either not enough glue or strong enough adhesive on the magnet, and one of the magnets came off. It is any easy fix with super glue, but I was a little disappointed as I was in the middle of running errands when this happened, and it was the first time wearing the bag.

Ani’s final word:  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  (out of 5)

For a bag that is designed by a very talented designer, and offered at such an affordable price, I say if you can get your hands on one, keep it! I have bought other bags for the same price if not more that were not designer, but did not look half as good. Minus the two minor issues I encountered, the Mini Olivia Satchel is designed beautifully, functions well, and is right on trend!

I also took home the navy and green pullover, and think it is a great find. Is it a great combination of materials, a little sporty but just girly enough, and the fit is great. Looking forward to pairing this with jeans or white pants, for a polished sophisticated look.

Overall, my “Limsanity” adventure was so much fun and inspiring, that I am looking forward to scouting out more events and adventures to share with you!

❤ Ani


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